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Topic: Source for Jazzband Scores/CDs

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    Source for Jazzband Scores/CDs

    I want to start learning to do takedowns/transcriptions of jazz combos and big bands by listening to MP3
    or CD and then checking my work against the score.

    Can somebody please point me to some sources that have reasonably priced jazz scores which also have
    a corresponding sound file from which to transcribe (e.g. MP3 or CD) ?

    Most of the ones I've seen cost $30-40 a pop- not a very cost effective way to learn. And unfortunately
    I don't have access to a music school/library.

    I've found a couple books on jazz arranging that have CDs but generally they are exercises (llike section
    writing for the saxes, etc.). I need to start working through 10 or so "for real" charts to get some transcribing
    and ear training chops.

    Thanks for any help !


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    Re: Source for Jazzband Scores/CDs

    The only site that comes close to what you are looking for is pdfjazz. Somethings are free and there are scores and PDFs of the score both free and purchase. I also think that the Sammy Nestico book is pretty good. You can get a whole book with the CDs for about $80 bucks. I think it was REALLY worth it.

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    Re: Source for Jazzband Scores/CDs

    This site is full of midi files, so you can download and listen and, if you've got the software, see the score as well. Obviously not the originals, but some are good as they stand.

    It's a German site (.de) but is in English

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    Re: Source for Jazzband Scores/CDs

    Hi Bob,

    If you are a fan of post-1950's 'modern' big band jazz, "Inside The Score" (Rayburn Wright) is a treasure trove of information.

    It will cost you $50-$60, but for that price you not only recieve the audio CD and COMPLETE scores for eight great jazz charts (Sammy Nestico-2, Thad Jones-3, Bob Brookmeyer-3), but also an extremely detailed analysis of each chart ... I keep re-reading and listening to this work every year.

    Best of luck!


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