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Topic: Completely unrelated topic

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    Completely unrelated topic

    Despite the fact that the forum has recently become a wasteland of \"My first giga comp\" posts I can\'t NOT post this as it\'s MY first giga comp.


    Oh, and incidentally it\'s also my Sam Trumpets Competition Piece.

    Let me know what ya\'ll think.

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    Re: Completely unrelated topic

    First of all I gotta ask, what perc instruments did you use for those big hits between :53 and 1:00. It\'s an excellent combo of instruments [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Composition- Excellent. Can\'t say much. It\'s always hard to choose what kind of music to submit for a competition. I like the transitions and overall effect. Just my own personal opinion, I didn\'t care much for the woodwind part.

    Mix- Here I think it could use just a little work. A lot of the perc you placed real nicely but as soon as the brass sections and woodwinds play by themselves, they sound dry (Edit: IMHO of course). I think a bit more reverb on those sections and you\'d have it nailed.

    Overall it\'s very well done, especially for your first dive into Giga. I tend to be critical in my critiques. What you have is something that rivals really good game music, but I\'ve heard people use these libraries to pull off productions that are so close to sounding real it frightens me. This is the standard I judge your piece by so take it as a compliment [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Good luck in the competition.

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    Re: Completely unrelated topic

    Hey Chris,
    Dude when it\'s on , it\'s hovering near a ten and when it\'s off it still holding strong at a good 7.5. Very inventive piece. I hope Maarten and Vincent have so much difficulty in choosing that they just give away ten libs. If they don\'t I\'m not sure I have much of a chance against that.
    Really nice work and welcome to Northern.


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    Re: Completely unrelated topic

    Thanks for the input. Especially about the reverb. Methinks I should listen to some Stravinsky and pay attention to the ambiance.

    That combo was just bass trombone in it\'s lowest register with bass drum and a pair of crash cymbals.

    Time to work on my mixing.

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