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Topic: London Solo Strings

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    London Solo Strings

    Does anyone know about London Solo Strings? I saw it advertised in a Big Fish Audio ad in Keyboard magazine (Jan 2003). When I went to the Big Fish Audio web site I could not find anything referring to it. I could not even find an email address for Big Fish audio on their web site! (Is Big Fish Audio legitimate? Should \'Big Fish\' be called \'The Big One the that Got Away\'\'?)

    Does anyone know about LSS? Does anyone have BigFish\'s email address?

    Is it \'somethingsmellsfunny@BigFish.com\'?

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    Re: London Solo Strings

    Donnie contacted me via email a short while ago, and said the solo strings will be out soon. Yikes, we may have a solo string brawl now with all these fine developers such as Kirk, Gary, and now Donnie. Oh, plus Nick with this symphonic lib. Any others I miss?

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    Re: London Solo Strings

    I first heard about an October release date, and then I was told that they would be released in December. It would not surprise me if that date gets changed again.

    I just looked that their website, and they are not listed.

    I can\'t an email for them anymore.

    If I find out anything, I let everyone know.

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    Re: London Solo Strings

    I have some information:

    You can call Big Fish Audio and pre-order the strings. I have ordered mine today. The price is around four hundred dollars.

    The release is not definite, but they should come out around NAMM. Donnie is working on new demos for the NANN show.

    When I get more information, I will be posted here.

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