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Topic: GStudio Ports - 64 seperate channels or not?

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    GStudio Ports - 64 seperate channels or not?

    New user here. I just installed GS160 through a WaMi rack 24 and I\'m getting some seriously messed up behavior. ANY change in the midi mixer of any Port shows up in the other three ports as well. So of course, any input from a sequencer, or even the Windows midi player is also getting quadrupled: not a good thing, to say the least.

    I have the latest WaMi drivers (v1.9) as far as I know, and I have GS160 (v2.00.116). I use Logic Platinum, and I have it set to only intialize ONE of the NemeSys ports, but I\'m seeing this FU\'ed behavior without even opening Logic, or any other app except GS. Literally, if I move a fader in channel 1 - port 1, then the fader on channel 1 in ports 2,3, and, 4 moves too.

    I\'m hoping I\'m just overlooking something simple. Anybody else seen this?
    Thanks ~TB

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    Re: GStudio Ports - 64 seperate channels or not?

    Just figured that maybe this was simply unregistered behavior, since I hadn\'t registered yet. So I register, but it gives me an apparently INVALID registration number! And yes, I\'ve double and triple checked it. I notice the UserKey is listed in the diagnostic is the \"invalid\" one it gave me, but with an extra four characters at the end... Great...

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    Re: GStudio Ports - 64 seperate channels or not?

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    Re: GStudio Ports - 64 seperate channels or not?

    TB, You are getting four instances of your sounds because the four MIDI ports are linked. The help file under \"MIDI Ports\" gives a good explanation of how the MIDI ports work and how to link/unlink them. Basically, in the left-hand pane, if you click on the numbers 1-4 under the keyboard icon this should unlink the ports - light green is linked, dark green is unlinked. - Doug Marshall

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    Re: GStudio Ports - 64 seperate channels or not?

    Chadwick and Doug,
    Thanks guys; I appreciate the help. The mystery now is why the MIDI ports seem to go from unlinked to linked w/o me clicking on the port monitor. I assume there\'s some sort of CC getting fired off (by Logic maybe) that\'s doing it.
    Anyway, I\'ll keep digging and hopefully keep learning. Thanks again. ~TB

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