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Topic: Jazz Score...

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    Jazz Score...

    Here is a piece that I can best describe as a jazz underscore. Critiques/Comments welcome.

    ( www.aaronsapp.com/Shroud.mp3 )

    It is case-sensitive. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Jazz Score...

    Nice, Aaron. The piece moves from style to style without being too jarring, except when you probably mean it to be jarring, like at :43.

    What\'s the bass? It might benefit from some varied articulation, especially at the beginning. My ears were also searching for a few more altered chords in piano & guitar around 1:00-1:10.

    Very convincing woodwinds, and some nice drum programming, as well. You might fiddle with the timing between the foot-closed hi-hat and bass -- to my ears, at times, the hi-hat is a little behind the beat. It\'s really the end of the sample that should find the beat, rather than the attack. The link between the bass & hi-hat are what the rest of the rhythm section should build around, in my opinion.

    These are nitpicks. Again, some really cool writing.


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    Re: Jazz Score...

    Thanks for listening. There\'s really only one articulation for a solo upright bass. I know, I felt that I should changed the progression a little bit there, but I was having more fun than anything.

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    Re: Jazz Score...


    Your progression is great! By altered chords, I mean you could throw in a 13th or 11th here and there. And listen closely to a solo upright jazz bass, and you\'ll hear what I\'m talking about regarding varied articulations.

    At the risk of sounding like a \"jazz snob,\" jazz done by musicians who don\'t play a lot of jazz often sounds like a parody of jazz - just like some mock \"orchestral\" pieces sound like cliches or parodies of orchestral music. You\'ve successfully sidestepped that pitfall. Again, great writing.


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    Re: Jazz Score...

    Well, I don\'t really know about adding 11ths and 13ths, even though I\'m sure the concept is quite simple. (or is it?)

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    Re: Jazz Score...

    Nice! I like the blend of classic and jazz.

    I agree a 11 or 13 chord somewhere will add an extra \"Jazz\" to it.

    Often when I write something jazzy I let my hands \"decide\" on the keyboard (Instead of theory) - I get a buzzing in my hands - ordering me to move or stretch my fingers. If I obey this \"feeling\", I tend to get some interesting chords and melodies. I almost hear that cruncy sound of my brain and heart getting a good work out... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Anyway - good work.

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    Re: Jazz Score...

    A. Its always interesting to hear your pieces due to their \"confusing\" nature. You have NO problem playing different genres, but I still think it lacks some consistency. The red thread - the hardest part to \"sow\". Find it my friend - and you will really rise above the grounds.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Jazz Score...

    What are these 11ths and 13ths you guys talk about? Is it some added note in the scale?

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    Re: Jazz Score...

    Yes they\'re added notes in a scale. Just count along the scale to find out what they are. 8 is the octave so 9 is the next one along and...well I\'m sure you can see where I\'m going with this. So for C, the 9th would be D and the 11th would be F. I think they\'re referring to adding 11ths and 13ths to your chords.

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    Re: Jazz Score...


    I sent you a private message - check it out.


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