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Topic: Gigasampler Facelift?

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    Gigasampler Facelift?

    When will Gigasampler be given a facelift or has it been orphaned? I know that Gigastudio is a great piece of code but there are plenty of Gigasampler users out here that don\'t want to be abandoned. How about some instrument editor upgrades etc. for the Gigasampler users. Peace.

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    Re: Gigasampler Facelift?

    I seem to recall that when Gigastudio was announced that Nemesys stated that they were not abandoning Gigasampler and would continue to support it. Where did you hear that Gigastudio is the facelift and upgrade of gigasampler? Everybody does not need 160 voices and NFX effects. I for one did not upgrade because I simply did not want to go through the horrors that I have been reading that others have been going through with Gigastudio. I remember how long it took to get my system tweaked to perform properly with Gigasampler. Since Gigasampler is still being sold, I find it hard to believe that they (Nemesys) will not actively seek to improve this product. Peace.

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    Re: Gigasampler Facelift?

    >> When will Gigasampler be given a facelift

    GigaStudio IS the facelift and upgrade.

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    Re: Gigasampler Facelift?

    Gigastudio is so transparently the upgrade of Gigasampler that we\'ve been waiting for I think it would be folly for Nemesys to continue Gigasampler and spread themselves too thin. It\'s a bit as if Microsoft were still developing Windows 3.1, a pointless exercise. Alot of Gigasamplers clunkiness and problems have been resolved in Gigastudio. Now what we really want is to see Nemesys dedicate themselves whole-heartedly to upgrading and developing Gigastudio.

    That\'s what I reckon anyway. In fact Gigastudio is too similar to Gigasampler to warrant the \"seperate product\" label which some people attribute to it.

    p.s. is there a Gigastudio v.1 or was that Gigasampler?

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