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Topic: Ethno World 1 opinions

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    Ethno World 1 opinions


    Everyone probably knows about the December sale soundsonline.com is having. I listened to Ethno World 1 and was stunned, but of course, demos always sound greater than its use sometimes. I\'m asking if anyone has used this library, and if it is really useful. The quality sounds great, and the variety is impressive too. Is it worth it for $200? I have been DROOLING over Percussive Adventures being 50% off for only $200, but I don\'t know if I could use it as much as Ethno World. I\'m needing some really authentic instruments for a project. And opinions or suggestions would be of great help! THANKS!

    Jared [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Ethno World 1 opinions

    Did you read this already. It\'s about the follow-up but nonetheless you\'ll find comments on the first one too.

    Anyway, the percussion is good and usefull but the programming is a bit puzzling.

    A very good instrument is the kantele. It\'s the Finnish version of the zither.

    In Etno World 1 I had to truncate the silent part in the beginning of each and every sample. Otherwise I felt I was playing the sounds in a delayed way.

    $200 is of course a better price than what I paid for it.

    Don\'t expect you can make music easily with this library. Either Marcel Barsotti is a genius with his own samples or he used real instruments for making those demos. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Don\'t expect it will cover all your ethnic needs.

    Every library has some good on it.

    Alex Cremers

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