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Topic: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?

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    Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?

    The Gigapiano CDs shipped with some of the early GSt packages were defective. Mine has very loud pops embedded right in many of the samples. I ordered a free replacement over two weeks ago, but haven\'t received it yet. Has anyone else received a replacement? And is the replacement free of defects?


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    Re: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?


    NemeSys sends out the Replacement CD\'s once a week. Your request (which was summitted last week) was fulfilled this week. You should be receiving it soon.


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    Re: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?


    Have you guys ever considered adding a Q/A team to your staff? You obviously don\'t employ any right now. It would be helpful if you\'d actually have independent testing of the software you ship out from time to time.

    When I first purchased GigaSampler Full back in February, I recieved a copy of GigaSampler LE in the mail. It took three weeks to get it replaced.

    When I first recieved GigaStudio, the NFX4 effects module I recieved via email failed to install. The two updates you have since emailed me have fared no better. In fact, the last update didn\'t even contain the NFX4.DLL file, only the help file and the CNT file for the help file. I know this because I used WinZip to extract the files from the GSNFX.EXE and the subsequent CAB file. The NIF file made no reference to the NFX4.DLL file either.

    Fortunately, I never uninstalled the GigaPiano from the GigaSampler Version. If I had, am I now to understand I have a defective version? Sheesh.

    Also, I have an Echo Gina card running the 5.5 drivers. In the \"Routing\" box it shows up as GSIF Compatible, but under diagnostics it says \"GSIF Compatible cards: 0 installed.\" Why? I\'ve asked this question a dozen times and still have no answer. I\'d really like to know if my card is GSIF compatible or not. Since I get sluggish performance at low polyphony on a PIII 733Mhz machine with 512MB of RAM and Ultra160 SCSI drives (4.3ms access), I suspect that GSIF is not coming into play.

    Finally, you say you ship out GigaPiano updates once a week. What is that? How about shipping them to *everyone* who has a defective one as soon as you know about the problem? Why must you always put the onus on the individuals who have given you hundreds, even thousands of dollars? Do you have anyone at Nemesys who understands business ethics? If it\'s just one or two defective CD\'s I can understand this approach. But this seems to be a problem inherant in the GIG file itself, not the duplication.

    How many other time bombs are lurking in this software? Do we have to discover them one by one as we\'re working against deadline? Do you care about your future? You obviously don\'t care much about ours.

    Did you know that you have serious display placement problems with GigaStudio? Have you run it in 1600x1200 mode? The button and control placement on most of the screens is way off at this resolution. Are you aware that performances don\'t necessarily restore the Hardware/Routing settings? You should be. I\'ve emailed these problems to you multiple times over the last three months and posted on these subjects here... with no response.

    Do you need help with this stuff? I\'d be more than happy to offer my services to you in this area. I have some small experience with developing and delivering *working* software and dealing with problems out in the field. I can tell you that I\'d be unemployed if I handled Q/A and tech support the way you do. I can understand not being able to turn these problems around immediately. I can\'t understand you not even responding to them in any way for weeks or months at a time.

    Waiting, not so patiently...

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    Re: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?

    Thanks, Bert. I had ordered it on the 9th of August and hadn\'t heard anything. I\'d like to use GSt on my next CD release, so I\'m anxious to receive it. Time is money!!


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    Re: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?


    Although I\'m pretty sure you\'re up on this, (having seen all your previous posts), I just want to check something. Are you having problems with a Gina 24 card? If so, I think the GSIF driver was only incorporated in the 24 bit card very recently. Early hardware shipped without GSIF. From what Echo support said, they were waiting for a patch or something from Nemesys before they could finalise the driver. It\'s out now though.

    If you\'re using the 20 bit Gina, ignore my comment.

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    Re: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?

    I have same question that when I suppose to have the CD\'s replacement? been waiting about two weeks! I guess.

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    Re: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?


    I have the Gina 20. I did actually get an email from Dave of Nemesys today. He suggested that perhaps my SB Live card was interfering with the Gina card in some way. I\'m going to take it out of the system this weekend. I only got it to have access to SoundFonts, and I\'ve pretty well decided that SoundFonts suck, so I really don\'t need it.

    He also sent me an update to the NFX4 effect module, and... IT WORKS!!! Finally, after three months!

    My compliments to Dave, who clearly has done his best to help me here. I think the key when dealing with Nemesys is this: The squeaky wheel gets the oil. I hate to have to be that way, but when I sit back and wait for them, I get old. When I get proactive and bug the crap out of them, I get answers. That\'s just the way it is, I suppose.


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    Re: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?

    Very happy to report I received my replacement CD on Saturday and all the pops are gone. It is one amazing piano. My only remaining problem is that about once every 2 hours my system locks up. It\'s an illegal operation in MSG32.exe. It says that Cakewalk is the problem, but it only happens when GSt in running. Turning off my ATI video h/w helpped, but hasn\'t solved the problem. I also installed the latest video drivers. Anyone have any suggestions on this one?

    Thanks very much!!

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    Re: Has any one received their replacement Gigapiano CD?

    I asked for a new piano cd a few days ago. My email was answered within a few hours and I received the CD within days. I\'m living in Europe so the CD must have been send right away. Ever since buying Gigasampler I was always very very pleased with the service Nemesys offers. I wish other company\'s like Emagic or Steinberg (who don\'t reply at all - ever!) would have a service like Nemesys. For me things couldn\'t be any better....


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