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Topic: Kontakt doesn't like PCI 324 (424)?

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    Kontakt doesn\'t like PCI 324 (424)?

    I\'ve just heard this three or four times now but it\'s always been hearsay. Anyone have direct experience with this? (OK, a close friend counts too if you know it for a fact) I\'m looking to get into Kontakt and wonder if I should load it up on the Mac side with Motu hardware (DP) (standalone?) or go PC

    I should say I\'m way more comfortable with Macs so..... what are the issues?


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    Re: Kontakt doesn\'t like PCI 324 (424)?

    Hi Michael,

    I use Kontakt as a plug-in with Digital Performer on a Mac (dual-gig Quicksilver, OS 9.2.2). My studio is pretty much all MOTU, including a PCi-324 connected to a couple of 2408\'s and a 1224.

    Running from RAM only I\'ve had no problems so far.


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    Re: Kontakt doesn\'t like PCI 324 (424)?

    Cool Trond, thanks.

    This is pretty much my exact setup. I\'m on 1.25 MDD, DP 3.1.1, OS 9.2.2 with all Motu hardware (308,1224,2408) so this is very reassuring. Tomorrow I\'m buying it!

    Maybe the reports I\'ve been hearing are from guys running Motu hardware on the PC side which is apparently not such a good idea. (although I\'ve also heard the Motu-PC drivers are getting a little better recently)

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