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Topic: S-Converter question...

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    S-Converter question...

    Once I install the S-Converter from Gigasampler on my CD-R(CD player and burner and CD-ROM), is that going to mess up my ability to burn CDs and cause other conflicts?

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    Re: S-Converter question...

    You don\'t actually install it on the CD drive.

    It\'s on the hard drive and just checks the CD drive when you\'re looking for CD roms.

    Should be fine.

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    Re: S-Converter question...

    Thanks for all your replies Chadwick. They\'ve been quite helpful. You should be the moderator in this forum!

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    Re: S-Converter question...

    hehe, thanks.

    I\'m sure Papa is the best man for the job, I\'ve just had too much time on my hands lately.

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    Re: S-Converter question...

    One note in reply to this thread. You mentioned that you have a CD-ROM and a CD-R... If you wish for SConverter to recoginize both CD-Roms, then you will need to install the beta patch for Gigastudio.

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