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Topic: A short Christmas tune

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    Re: A short Christmas tune

    Hey Rudi,
    long time!
    I thought it had a great \"sound\"production wise.
    In particular I really liked the opening until after the buildup at :27 and the ending from 1;00 on.
    I though maybe you could have that key change at :43 be different from the first in that section. For instance the first could be all winds carrying the melody and then bring it home with your brass section at the key change. I think that might give the middle section more build in dynamics. This is just an initial thought . It\'s nice stuff all around



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    Re: A short Christmas tune

    Nice throw together.

    I like it.

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    Re: A short Christmas tune

    Originally posted by 88fingers:

    I like it.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">me 2!

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    A short Christmas tune

    Hi folks,

    Inspired by the fact that it is the first Sunday of Advent here in the UK, and by the \"Turkey\" and the Bardstown Audio offerings, I thought I\'d come up with a short Christmas tune.

    It\'s only about 1.10 mins, totally unquantised, not really mixed, and has got some dodgy timing - but I wanted to keep it raw. It\'s called Sing Noel.


    I didn\'t go back to it or even save the sequencer file - I just did a basic sketch on paper (I\'m not very good at improvising harmonies) and recorded it live.

    Anyway, it\'s fairly Christmassy, and a bit of an homage to those sentimental 50\'s movies...

    Hope you enjoy it!!!


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