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Topic: Cheating with Audio Card GS Drivers

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    Cheating with Audio Card GS Drivers

    Is there a way to install only the driver for an audio card without physically installing the card itself? I have an audiophile card which allows full funtionality for GS. I\'m adding a new system and don\'t want to have to get another card when all I really need are the drivers.

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    Re: Cheating with Audio Card GS Drivers

    I don\'t know if I\'ve completely understood what you\'re trying to do...

    If you want to run Gigastudio without an audio card, then the upcoming Giga-VSTi adapter by FX-MAX should solve your problem: www.fx-max.com

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    Re: Cheating with Audio Card GS Drivers

    In typing my response, I think I answered my own question. I could have the drivers on my machine without the card, but when I tell GS to use that driver it would try to output sound to the card that isn\'t there and I wouldn\'t hear any sound.

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