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Topic: This makes me angry and is B.S.

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    This makes me angry and is B.S.

    I think what a lot of the software and sound developers are doing is B.S. and IMO illegal. Saying that I can\'t resell software that I have bought is the same as saying that I can\'t sell a car I bought, by the same standard that pirating software is the same as stealing someone elses car. They can\'t pick and choose which MORALITIES they want to apply to their products.IF I own it, I can do what I want with it(other than pirating it). If I decide a few months after buying it that software or a sound library is garbage then I should be able to sell it and get some of my money back. And as far as \"intellectual property\" goes, Music CD\'s are intelectual property and can be resold legally, why do developers think their products are the exception? I demand that all software and sound developers make the means to transfer registration over to the legal buyer of used software. Like thats going to happen! JMO

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    I agree to some points, but its not that simple. You cannot make comparison between something as a car and music. You cannot \"duplicate\" a car or create any intellectual property with it. Samples sorta \"stick to ya\" once you have bought them. But I understand you anger and frustration - and maybe it IS about time something happens on this area. I am not sure there is any law CLAIMING these things - or at least not any international laws.

    On the other hand. Once I get my QLSO - I am never, ever, ever, gonna sell it. Its gonna be \"my precious little one\" - and every VSL-lover will envy me - until I find out - I kinda envy them.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    That is irelevant IMO. Music CD\'s are intellectual property and can be copied and be used to make other intelectual property(a thing called sampling). Yet there is nothing preventing the resale of CD\'s. Developers are trying to control and moderate things over which they have no legal right to. The reason they get away with it is cause they control the registration process for their products and can say who is \"entitled\" to use it. If there was no such thing as registering software they could not get away with this. Why don\'t we all start \"registering\" the music we buy? If people boycotted the companies they would change their tune real fast, but most people just accept what they are told they can do. This is wrong! It\'s things like this that make me not want to buy someones product and just get a pirated version.

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    I tend to think that if the intention was to pirate the software, you would have not bought the title in the first place!

    Let\'s say that I bought Virtuoso Strings from Ilio, then GOS came out and I am now using GOS exclusively, I have no interest in the Ilio title anymore, hence it doesn\'t \"stick\" to me. I suppose I should be allowed to transfer ownership and recoup some of my $$$.

    It seems honest enough. If my intentions are to defraud Ilio by keeping a copy of VS, then I am just as likely to download their titles on-line and not pay them anything in the first place.

    I don\'t know, it\'s a bit of a touchy subject. Used books are sold, I suppose you could argue that anyone could photocopy a book if they were so inclined (a lot more people might do it if books retailed for $200-$1k+).

    Used CD\'s are also legally sold.

    It\'s a very though situation for both consumers and developers.

    My attitude has always been that if you treat your clients with fairness and respect, they will repay you with an honest behavior. Most developers don\'t share this view.

    I personally applaud developers like www.attitudei.com who not only have very affordable pricing but also have very comprehensive return policies.

    I predict that there is going to be a lot more of this type of grass roots approach to sample development that could rival bigger developers, we have already seen a successful example of it with SAM Horns. I bet that less people have pirated SAM Horns than QL Brass (I know the comparison is a bit weak but I can\'t think of another horn only library) due to a lower cost factor.

    I am digressing quite a bit here, where was I? Oh yes, stay in school and don\'t do drugs!

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    You\'re not buying the CD\'s. You\'re buying the license to use them.

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    Luckily, I see myself as an honest person and don\'t think that 2 wrongs make a right. People should not let slick corporates brainwash them. They try to justify their practices saying that they are protecting their own interests, when in actuallity they would probably continue the practice even if there was not a problem with piracy, knowing that they would have \"one more customer\" cause that customer couldn\'t buy the product used anywhere. This is Hor$eit IMO.

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    Originally posted by A_Sapp:
    You\'re not buying the CD\'s. You\'re buying the license to use them.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">and the right to resell that license if you so choose.

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    Bottom line is that yes the developers should find ways to protect their intellectual property, but not at the expense of consumers rights. They are denying us the consumer RIGHT to sell somthing we have bought legally. That\'s all there is to it.

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    Ehm. I think there has been many good points so far and you seem to ignore them. So whats the point of this topic, if you dont wanna discus anything. Sorry for asking - but you seem a bit sour. You are not being denied anything, you are being asked to understand the RIGHTS under which u use a given product. Its the EXACT same thing when people wanna use your music. Think about it.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: This makes me angry and is B.S.

    I actually was able to transfer some libraries. I used to work for a company that owned several libraries and when they went out of business, I bought them from them at a rediculously reduced price. Then I contacted the company that they bought them from and told them what happened and they were very easy to transfer ownership. I won\'t say which company it was, as I believe they were bending their policy for me, but I often find in life that a simple phone call and a kind and gratious attitude goes a long way. I honestly don\'t know if it would be this easy with other companies, but it might be worth a try.

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