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Topic: One-shot?

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    I purchased the gigasampler LE with the idea of being able to use a keyboard to play long samples and loops in a performance situation. I assumed this sampler would be similar to my AKAI sampler where I can set it on \"one-shot\" and play a long sample with one strike of a key. I\'ve learned from this forum that I can approximate this by setting \"release\" at a high number, but the volume trails off as the sample continues. Is there no way to accomplish what I want to do?

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    Re: One-shot?

    What you need to do is set the release time to a longer time. The highest is 60. Set that parameter to a larger number and that will do it.

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    Re: One-shot?

    I know this isn\'t ideal, but if you can\'t make it one shot like the Akai, how about setting the sustain level in case properties to full, and then holding the sustain pedal (damper) when you play the note - it should play at full sample level until you release the pedal..

    If this works, and you\'re using a sequencer, you could avoid the pedal use by editing one long controller event into a track before recording the notes - it would be as if you were holding the pedal down continuously.

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    Re: One-shot?

    Reply to Leshaune, That\'s what I\'ve been doing and the volume trails off before the end of the sample. Have you found a way to avoid that?

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    Re: One-shot?

    Hardhat, Set the release to 60 then, RESAVE the instrument. That should do it.


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    Re: One-shot?

    Thanks for your suggestions. I had envisioned playing really long samples but I guess that is not possible. Leshaune, I\'m not sure what you mean by \"resave\". Also, you orginally had asked about doing loops. Whenever I \"enable\" the loop function and set a length, I get no sound whatsoever from the gigasampler. Have you (or anybody) figured out how to play loops? I could make a long sample of loops as a wave file and load it, but then I run into the problem discussed above. The problem is I am a drummer and don\'t have enough hands to keep a key pressed down in order to sustain a bassline loop or whatever.

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    Re: One-shot?

    Actually, you only want to set the release to the max length of the sample. Otherwise if you have a cymbal crash that lasts 8 sec\'s and you have the release set ot 60 sec\'s then you are wasting 58 sec\'s of availible polyphony for other instruments.

    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware

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    Re: One-shot?


    The sustain pedal idea works. Thanks.

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