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Topic: Small Computer Help Question

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    Small Computer Help Question

    Right now I have 2 computers ( I finally got my 2nd one )

    The one computer is a P4 1.60 Ghz, with 768 ram (256, 256, and 256,) (Only 3 slots for ram) with plenty of harddrive space (also has an M-audio 24/96 soundcard)

    The 2nd computer is a P4 2.53 Ghz, with 1 gig of ram (512, 512) (Only 2 slots for memory) with a soundblaster 2 audigy card in it.

    I am using SOnar 3.0 Producer with the Dr-008 for drums with Drumkitfromhell. I am also getting Hardcore Bass for Christmas as well as EastWest Silver or GPO (depending on what I hear from GPO in the next few days)

    I am going to be using FXTeleport but am not sure which computer I should be running Sonar on and which I should be running these huge plug-ins. Please advise me on what to do. Any advice I haven\'t thought of would be highly appreciated.

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    Re: Small Computer Help Question

    Hi Ryan, you will probably want the faster processor for your sequencing machine and for plug-ins, reverb, etc. Ideally, your second machine should have more ram so you can load up more samples.

    Typically streaming samples is not CPU intensive (for your sample DAW) but running plug-ins, ESPECIALLY if you like FX, filter sweeps, reverb etc, will flog your CPU so make sure your host machine has the fastest processor.

    Regards, Scott.

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