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Topic: A new game : Guess the sampled Piano !!!!!!!!

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    A new game : Guess the sampled Piano !!!!!!!!


    here 2 demos - i play Mozart :

    without reverb :


    just guess what kind of sampled piano you hear !!



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    Re: A new game : Guess the sampled Piano !!!!!!!!

    Well, my favorite piano is a Steinway B and this sounds in the ballpark.

    Just a little harsh at times when the top end and mids are played forte although the real thing would never do that.

    But other than that it\'s pretty close.

    Are you selling this sample? I would be interested.

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    Re: A new game : Guess the sampled Piano !!!!!!!!

    Listening to my computer monitor\'s build-in speakers, which lately I seem to prefer over a couple of Auratones (I have the cloned version by AKG), I have to ask, is it your altered Steinway B? If it is, I can hear you\'ve tweaked it to get that staccato sound heard in the demo.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: A new game : Guess the sampled Piano !!!!!!!!

    Hi alex !

    You win !

    right !!!

    it\'s one of presets of the Ewqlso Sylver Steinway B !

    i\'ve just post another version:




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