Since ACID Pro 7 utilizes 5.1 surround technology, I got very excited, saved my pennies and bought a custom PC that can make music (or play games) in this format. Now, I am a little confused about a couple things.

1. I understand that 5.1 is just quadrophonic with a center that handles the same frequencies as the other speakers, and a subwoofer that handles the lowest. But there seem to actually be MORE than that, because there is a stereo-ish relationship between the front-left/rear-left, and front-right/rear-right, am I correct? I'm sorry that I'm having trouble articulating a specific question here.

I guess in the end, the main point is: what does 6 available channels mean for my overall mixing process? Even more specifically, what does it mean for my instrument placement in that cubed stereo spectrum?

2. Sorta relevant to question 1, what kind of positioning should I use when placing my speakers in my studio? I figured as exactly equal spacing as humanly possible was the answer, but I do not know. When playing, say, Skyrim in 5.1, I notice that I can hear sounds behind me easier than sounds in front of me, and yet the speakers are all the same width and length from one another. I want everything to be smooth and equal so if someone listens through 5.1 headphones, no section overpowers another unnecessarily.

Sorry about the long post, but I've really been curious about this and had no one knowledgable to ask.

- LL