This may be a no-brainer but I really would appreciate your opinion on this one:

I will be recording a live performance of a classical ensemble in a church in Italy in a few weeks. The pieces will be 45 minutes, 10 minutes and 25 minutes respectively.

What would be your recommendation (leaving aside cost for the moment because I already have the gear for options 1 and 2):

1) Titanium powerbook + Metric Halo MI/O 2882 + Digital Performer;

2) Korg D12 multitrack;

3) Some other option?

Bear in mind also that, while the MI/Os pres are better than the Korg\'s I really would prefer not to travel with this gear at this stage and would therefore prefer to avoid using it if I can. Is there some other, more compact and relatively inexpensive (say $500) option worth looking at?

Finally, any micing suggestions (type of mics; placement)? The orchestra has usually been recorded in this church simply with a DAT and two Sennheiser 416s set two feet apart and eight feet high. Results aren\'t all that bad.

The final piece is a piano concerto: would you recommend spots on the piano? (probably...right?)

I\'d appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance