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Topic: New Guitar CD-ROM and Free T-Shirt!

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    New Guitar CD-ROM and Free T-Shirt!

    Direct from our studios in beautiful downtown Boston, Sonic Implants is proud to present \"I’d Like to Buy a Vowel…Adventures in Talk Box Guitar\", an incomparably funky collection of Talk Box Guitar multi-samples and phrases that puts you, lucky contestant, in the middle of the action.

    Please, step right this way and don’t be distracted by the envious stares of those around you. As the studio audience chants your name and you exchange pleasantries with our natty host, sidle up to the mighty ‘Wheel of Implants’ and let loose a wicked spin. Feel the current of breathless anticipation as a hush befalls the room, all eyes on The Wheel in motion as it glides, ever so slowly, to a stop. Basking in warm applause, you gaze triumphantly into the camera. Our host nods approvingly…

    And what does The Wheel have in store for you today- a blistering lick in the key of ‘G,’ perhaps? Maybe a funky riff in ‘E,’ looped to repeat and tempo locked for synchronized playback? Many, many sampled phrases are gathered here in our fabulous showroom- neatly separated into four musical keys and three tempos; all the better to reward your diligent efforts with a vast array of Talk Box licks, riffs, trills, bends, and chords.

    Hungry for more? Step forward and select a vowel from amongst the glittering display of Talk Box ‘syllable’ multi-samples we have to offer; boo, boh, bop, wah, wow, ‘open tube,’ ‘closed tube,’ and the decidedly wicked ‘wild card vibrato’ articulation are all yours for the asking. Here at ‘Wheel of Implants,’ you see, no one goes home empty handed because to play is to win .

    Now available in Gigasampler and Soundfont format!

    Check out the demos!
    MultiSample Demo.mp3
    Phrases Demo.mp3

    Downloads are also available in both formats, for the multi-sample syllables only.

    Giga & Soundfont CD-ROMs - $69.95
    Giga & Soundfont Downloads - $29.95

    Free T-Shirt

    For a limited time only, purchase Talkbox Guitar or any other Sonic Implants CD and receive a free T-shirt. Offer expires December 16th. Offer only good while supplies last, so order your CD today!

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    Re: New Guitar CD-ROM and Free T-Shirt!

    Like I said in the Sonic Implants Board: [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Listen to this!


    Alex Cremers

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    Re: New Guitar CD-ROM and Free T-Shirt!

    sweet demos there [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Guitar CD-ROM and Free T-Shirt!

    I would like to hear a demo without phrases. Is this possible?

    or is the multi sample sample demo just that?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes, the Multi-Sample demo uses only the individual syllables, no phrases were used at all in that demo.

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    Re: New Guitar CD-ROM and Free T-Shirt!

    Sounds great! Frampton Comes Alive again.
    (As does Joe Walsh et. al.)

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    Re: New Guitar CD-ROM and Free T-Shirt!

    Thats pretty hilarious! Its making Wanna pullout all my old Rod Stewart Albums with Jeff Beck . Sounds Great Dave. SI does it again..Rich

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