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Topic: Free toy piano gig

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    Free toy piano gig

    Hello All,

    Thanks to Michiel Post the toy piano gig that I made back in August is finally available for download:

    Hope you like it and sorry about the delay.


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    Re: Free toy piano gig

    Thanks Kobb,
    I\'m downloading it right now..I\'m sure I\'m gonna have some good time playing it,

    thanks for letting me have it for free,

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    Re: Free toy piano gig

    downloading it.. will play around with it later Thanx!!


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    Re: Free toy piano gig


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    Re: Free toy piano gig

    Thank You Kobb!

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    Re: Free toy piano gig

    Sounds coo, Kobb

    Can also be used for the bells of a Grandfather Clock, playing a little \"full hour\"-tune [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Free toy piano gig

    You guys are most welcome.

    I\'m glad you can get some use out of it. I snuck it into a piece for a theater production of \"A Christmas Carol\" this past December and it added just the right flavor.

    And tob, you are one of the masters of free samples (some of which I also used in that play), so I\'m just doing my best to emulate your example on a small scale. I plan to post any new (useful) gigs that I create, if I can find a place to put them. As I mentioned above, Michiel Post was kind enough to host this gig, but hopefully in the future I\'ll get my act together, create a website, and dedicate a portion of it to downloads.

    Speaking of which, tob do you accept \"contributions\" (in terms of giga instruments) for your g-town site, or are you trying to keep it more home grown?

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    Re: Free toy piano gig

    yo.. playing with it now. Sounds really nice. Like it alot.. now i just need a project for it... hmmm.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] hehe

    Its too bad hosting big files is a problem.. its getting a problem for me too. Hopefully we will laugh about that in the future. We can smile and remember the time when we had to think of bandwidth, hehe


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