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Topic: Reaper

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    Hello all.

    I recently downloaded the newest version. Reaper is complex and completely unintuitive. Be that as it may, I loaded in EWQL Platinum Plus's one of VL11 legato patches. The violins sounded MUCH better than in SONAR. Far less brittle, far less strident, etc, etc. I haven't used ANY correcting FX (such as EQ or compressor, etc).

    Did any of you have a similar experience when changing sequencers? I may be tempted to learn everything about Reaper just for the sake of better sound quality in mixing/rendering high strings.

    Thanks, Sylva.

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    Re: Reaper

    I'm not a technical expert, but everything I've heard about this subject (how your music sounds on different sequencers) has been that it makes no difference, The difference you're hearing has to be due to other factors. For example, when you loaded up the instruments in Reaper, you're getting a "pure" instance of that instrument, with no panning, volume corrections, etc. I recently had to reload a Play synth, due to accidentally deleting all the instruments, and it sounded better. The strings groups were suddenly more balanced. I believe this was due to the fact that the volumes were preset to be in perfect balance with each other. Then I remembered seeing a post somewhere which said that you should not change the volume setting on the synth. If you do, the balance between the string groups will be destroyed. Makes sense, when you consider that East Wets recorded them in actual position. So the string group as a whole is balanced when you load the individual sections. Any volume adjustments should only be done on your sequencer. But every attempt must be made to preserve this native balance, otherwise everything will be out of whack.

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    Re: Reaper

    Oh, sorry, I missed your reply. Surely, instruments sound the same in every DAW. And, yes, the balance of the strings in Play should not be altered. Except that I never use EWQL SO's violins/violas directly mixed in the string orchestra. This is because, and this is subjective of course, high strings in EWQL don't sound satisfatory to me. So, what I usually do I set up a mixture of differently articulated violins, violas and cellos in Play, that play the same melody. To add to the correction I also set up some of Garritan's SO strings layered in as many tracks and mixing it with the Play instruments via the Mod wheel, since EWQL doesn't react to the Mod wheel as far as sound volume is concerned. In this way I obtain a half-way satisfactory sound to my sweeping balad-like melodic lines.

    Unfortunately, there are no libraries that I know of that don't have a harsh, brittle, discontinuous high string sound in their higher registers. Once I pass a tenth from the middle C, the tone color becomes altered by offending harmonics which at times are even louder than the fundamental. Sure thing, I heavily equalize, but have to use GPO so that by layering it over EWQL some of the tone color returns.

    Anyway, I debated this issue in forums many times to no avail, because people always punced on me saying that either I don't hear right or am being spoilt by years of accompanying strings and conducting symphony orchestras. But that doesn't mean that sample manufacturers have to continue producing inferior high string sound.

    Regards, john.
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    Re: Reaper

    You are right in my opinion about the high strings. I'm never satisfied with them. Low strings as well. In fact, all the strings! they are just the hardest thing for samplers to get right. I think a dedicated string library is best. I've looked at them and to my ears and budget, Cinematic Strings looks like a good deal. A little on the dark side, but easy to use, and only 400.00. Hollywood Strings sounds great but has a lot of issues. there are others, but the price can be a challenge. so at some point I'm probably going to spring for CS. I keep hoping for new and better options. Working with inferior strings really slows you down, as illustrated by your grueling efforts to get them to sound ok. We shouldn't have to do this. It exhausts our creativity.

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