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Topic: Low Volume Levels and slow BPM

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    Low Volume Levels and slow BPM

    I\'ve been learning to work with the Gigasampler LE by trial and error. One thing I\'ve noticed is that once in the sampler, the samples play at a much lower volume than when played as wave files through Cool Edit. The 6db boost helps a little but not much. Also, some samples are slowed down considerably. Does anyone have some suggestions for dealing with these problems?

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    Re: Low Volume Levels and slow BPM

    The speed/pitch problem could be different basic sample rates between cool edit and Gigastudio. Maybe one has 44.1 and the other 48k? that\'s almost a semitone/10% difference.

    Nemesys say that the level is lower in Giga because, as you add many samples together polyphonically, you need the headroom - otherwise you get clipping....

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