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Topic: calculating the song duration in cubase

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    Question calculating the song duration in cubase

    how to calculate

    there is no option like logic has in cubase where u can actually calculate the song duration in split of a second.

    for example suppose if u want to know what is the duration for the following bar from bar 5 to bar 10
    u cant really get exact time.... u have to spend time counting all the milliseconds to figure out what it might be.

    u can't just select that part and know the actual duration.

    really these small thing are so important which is not there.

    If anyone know or has any idea how to do it please share and let the world know about it.

    i face it daily as when clients ask what is the duration in between it really sucks to figure out.


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    Re: calculating the song duration in cubase

    Simple - If you need to do it a lot - on the transport bar set the primary time format to seconds, move locators to start and finish of section - the start time and end time of the highlighted section are shown on the left of the transport bar - subtract one from the other. If that's too hard, click on a blank space in a track to open a section, highlight and the length of the section is highlighted in the INFO LINE at the top of the screen. If its turned off, turn it on in the "set up window layout"
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