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Topic: Copy Protection Question

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    Copy Protection Question

    First of all, I don\'t want this to get into a huge piracy/CCP thread as we\'ve experienced that before. I just hoped someone could quickly answer this question for me.

    I am not sure I totally understand the reasons that developers are looking to applications like Kontakt as the native format for their samples. I just can\'t see how this will do anything to combat piracy.

    With so many people using cracked copies of Windows, Cubase, and other applications, how will a library be saved by moving to a different sampler format?

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    Re: Copy Protection Question

    It doesn\'t stop it, the only thing a new copy protection scheme does is make the developer get a fresh spike on sales, then he rejoices and screams out loud \"Yes! We\'re selling better numbers now\". But, reality kicks in, it ends up getting cracked, 6 months to a year later it all evens out again. It\'s a horrible cycle in the software world that keeps repeating over and over....

    and over.......

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    Re: Copy Protection Question

    Not only that, but since it\'s more of a universal library then (not just limited to Giga and things that can import them) I\'d think that it becomes even more popular to the pirates.

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