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Topic: Re: notes sustain

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    Re: notes sustain

    Hi everyone. I\'m new to Giga-world {Gigsampler LE, now Gigastudio 96)and can\'t figure out how to make an entire WAV play WITHOUT holding down the key for the length of the entire sample. Also, can you loop a WAV in Gigastudio & Gigasampler LE or do I need to do it in another program? I tried both situations in Gigasampler LE, and couldn\'t get it to work. I have soundforge XP4.5 and it doesn\'t allow me to loop WAV\'s there.


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    Re: Re: notes sustain

    Hey Donnie,

    Thanx a Whole hell of alot!! I\'ll try it when I get home. I\'ve tried the release but not the decay. Is the release parameter in seconds or samples? Would the scale have something to do with this was well? Also, any ideas on the looping factor? I enabled it and set the loop points, saved it and loaded the kit again..Nada..

    By the way, How come Nemesys doesn\'t send Manuals?!! I ordered the upgrade from LE to Gigastudio. Just Software, and using the online help sucks.


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    Re: Re: notes sustain

    Playing with the release time seems to work. I still have no idea of how to make this thing loop like my AKAI sampler, which is easy to work with. Another problem I have is that the volume is always lower (even with the 6db boost) and on some wave files the speed is much slower than the original file played through Cool Edit. Anybody have any suggestions ?

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    Re: Re: notes sustain

    Ok here is the solution...

    Go into the instrument editor and under EG/LFO 1 set the release (sec\'s) to whatever the value of the note is (eg. a cymbal hit that decays for 6 sec\'s.).

    Now here is the key, make sure you hit the \"Apply EG/LFO\" and check the entire region button.

    This should fix it.


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    Re: Re: notes sustain


    Thanx again for everything. I played with it, and got it to do everything I need. However, the only efx showing is 1-reverb. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still only reverb is there. I downloaded and installed efx 4 from nemesys and that shows up, but no 2&3. any ideas?

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    Re: Re: notes sustain

    Silly Me,

    The efx are options. Just had to read the advertisement carefully. Ok I have no more questions now. Just need a more powerful computer and tons of ram. The program knocks my resources down to around 76%. That\'s being generous. I have 384 MB\'s ram. I\'m scared to think what it will be with Cakewalk running with effects. Jeesh! The Pentium 4\'s aren\'t getting here fast enough. =-) Thanx for all the support.


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    Re: Re: notes sustain

    Uncanny. This is exactly the question I wanted to ask. I tried to get an answer from tech support but you probably know how futile that is. I hope your question gets some responses soon.

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    Re: Re: notes sustain

    Hello there! All you need to do is go into the gseditor and either the release or decay (I can\'t remember off the top of my head right now) to the length that you want it to sustain to. We did this is a lot of our percussion samples to get the true ambient feel of the single hits.

    Hope this helps,

    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware http://www.dssoundware.com

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