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Topic: A good bye

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    A good bye

    Dear friends,

    during those years being a member of this forum, I admired your music, your skills, your patience, your perseverance making all Garritan Products shine, not ony for your personal benefit, but merely for the joy of it all. Above all your musicality, your on going optimism, translated into surprising nice pieces of music. Not only that, you all withstood my ignorance well, over and over explaining why, when and how.

    During those years I'd met many friends, Hannes_F, GermanComposer, Samantha Peningar, Karen Peace, Raymond Kemp, Ronald Ferguson, too many to name them all. I reserved a special corner for Larry Alexander, Randy Bowser, Dan Kury. If I didn't mention your name that doesn't mean that I don't admire you. Oldies and youngsters, everybody contributed to my struggle making music with and sometimes without Garritan Libraries.

    Now is the time for me to say goodbye. Why? Since I purchased other libraries, EWQL SO Platnum+ and some VSL Special Edition Strings, there not much for me to do with GPO. Maybe some occasional altoflute, but that's really all. Besides that I am moving into another direction in my composing. I'll concentrate on studying musical theory, composing techniques, notation laws, etc. It is about time that I educate myself a bit.

    Ofcourse I will have a peak once in a while, seeing if there are some interesting developments going on with Garritan, but I will not post any more messages, replies or music.

    Dear friends, thank you all very, very much. You made my life shine those last years. A hug for everybody.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: A good bye

    Aww man! Sorry to see you're dipping away into the dog-eat-dog world of musical compositional masterclass-ery!

    I don't use Garritan libraries these days either, but I found the forum too much of a good hangout with like minded composers to ignore. Hope you'll consider returning, as I have.
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    Re: A good bye

    My dear Raymond - I was hoping I wouldn't have to talk you into staying again - But once again I'm for the task!

    --It's wonderful that your musical horizons continue to expand, as they have been ever since you've been at the Forum. Besides your studies, you've also expanded the musical Libraries you're using - It's all good.

    Speaking of expanding, I think you must be aware of how the posting guidelines were expanded almost a year ago now. By a committee ruling, we decided that the slow, sluggish, boring Listening Room we had at the time really needed a shot in the arm. We decided that any and all music is welcome, and that people can also post more often than in the past. As soon as all that was agreed upon, the loggerheads were broken, and the music started flowing again.

    That was in 2012, now here we are in 2013, and the variety of music in the LR has never been better. General Discussion is livelier - and all because we wanted to maintain this wonderful online community of musicians that we've been enjoying for quite some time now.

    You must stay. Your studies will most likely inspire you to post interesting things that will spark lively discussion. You must feel free to post your music, no matter what the sound source is. Your music has always been fascinating, don't deprive us of the pleasure of listening to it. Just follow the loose new guidelines which ask that the instruments used in a recording be listed to avoid confusion.

    Graham suffered under the same misapprehension until recently - He wasn't going to be posting music because he primarily uses Libraries other than Garritan. I explained the situation to him, and now we're all blessed with his new outpouring of music.

    We don't want to lose your input - not your words, not your music.

    There's no reason to leave. You must do more than just peek in once in awhile.

    In short - I will not accept your resignation!


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    Re: A good bye

    Hey Raymond,

    I only known you for a bit, but we had some conversation. I especially noticed your Symphony, which reminded me of Henryk Gorecky.

    I agree with Randy and Graham, you gotta stay! You have been here a lot longer than me... and it's not all about music, but hanging with all of your ole friends!

    I have been here since last year when I bought GIO and I think actually, Graham was the one who welcomed me! Now it is like a second home for me.

    I don't usually get tangled up in too many communities but I found the Garritan community a real great place. You can't leave your home. As Randy said, the rules have changed for the listening room. I got confused about the rules myself most recently, but Randy explained it to me as well.

    I think the whole Garritan commuinty is one big family of good freindship, and friends don't let friends down... SO YOU CAN'T go!!! :P



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    Re: A good bye

    Yep, this is Hotel California - there's many-a-room here!

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    Re: A good bye

    Quote Originally Posted by AlanPerkins View Post
    Yep, this is Hotel California - there's many-a-room here!
    !! - For Raymond who may not know the reference - the final lines from the song "Hotel California"---



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    Re: A good bye

    Simple Request: Don't go Raymond. You are a treasure here.

    Best Regards,
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: A good bye

    With this many friends blocking the exit door I will add my considerable bulk to it, please stay, we will allow that you visit less often, but NOT POSTING HERE is simply forbidden,


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    Re: A good bye

    Quote Originally Posted by SecondSelf View Post
    --Only for Raymond?--

    Thanks for the link, SecondSelf - That looks like a pretty serious Forum for people who are looking for critiques on their works.

    Raymond, you should look into what SecondSelf posted - AND, at the same time, you should remain a member here. It has to be clear to you now that not only do your Garritan friends not want you to disappear, but that there's no reason for you to.


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