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Topic: DXI on other computer

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    DXI on other computer

    Let me see if any of you guys can help me out. I am a Sonar 3.0 user and as you know all the plug-in\'s like the lexicon reverb etc are all Dxi2\'s. Also the Vsampler is a DXI as well. Are there any ways to run DXi\'s on another networked computer? Basically, is there a \'DXI\' teleport type of program or is there any way of doing this?

    I know of fxteleport for vst but the vst will only aid in me using kompakt on the other computer but not the vsampler or my plugins.

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    Re: DXI on other computer

    Well, if you put Sonar 3 in the other computer, and if you have a MIDI input on it, you can play it that way. You just set up the DXi midi track and make sure the MIDI echo is on so that whatever comes in gets echoed to the audio track.

    Of course you need an audio card on the computer too.

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    Re: DXI on other computer

    I only have a SB audigy on the 2nd computer. Will this suffice?

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