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Topic: The DeBeers diamond tune

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    The DeBeers diamond tune

    EDIT: Ok, found out it\'s Palladio by Karl Jenkins. But this composition does not sound like the TV commercial. It would seem that DeBeers wisely modified the piece to sound more appealing and tender. I don\'t have the score so I can\'t really point out the part..but it\'s in the commercial right when the piece begins.. it\'s probably the end of the 1st measure and the whole 2nd measure. In the real composition, it sounds a lot more tense and cold. The DeBeers version sounds a ton more romantic.

    Anyway. Just wondering if maybe I\'m on crack, but I have a pretty good uh..what do they call it.. tonal memory? If someone knows where I could land a copy of the DeBeers version of the piece.. either score or just mp3 or something, drop me a private message.

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    Re: The DeBeers diamond tune

    There is a cd release (on Sony I believe) called \'Diamond Music\'. It features this track and uses graphics from the commercial on the cover. Perhaps that is the correct version of the song.


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    Re: The DeBeers diamond tune

    Thanks. will check into it

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    Re: The DeBeers diamond tune

    I have the CD. I think for the commerical, changes were made.

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    Re: The DeBeers diamond tune


    at google.com search terms -debeers music commercial - several of the links have mp3 downloads.

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