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Topic: Something Ethnic Again

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    Something Ethnic Again

    Break from all the orchestral stuff:

    Singkil II

    Here\'s an ethnic cut that I\'ve just made. It\'s inspired by an ethnic moslem dance of the same title (without the \'II\') from Southern Philippines.

    Libs that I used are from EthnoWorld, G-town woodsticks, BolderSounds washer-dryer, Roland XP-30, and the anklung is my baby. The EthnoWorld stuff were converted to Kontakt which is easier to work with along Sonar 3. Reverb is SIR.

    I can\'t figure out how to mix it properly: my problem is that it sounds too \'thin\' compared to other mixes that I hear over here. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Re: Something Ethnic Again

    I\'m not a person who should give mixing advice... but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this piece. Very nice! My girlfriend often listens to Lou Harrison\'s music while she paints. I\'ll have to save this one for her. I\'m sure she\'ll love it.

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    Re: Something Ethnic Again

    Thanks, Dana! I hope your girlfriend will like it.

    As for the mixing problem, I guess I\'ll just have to wait till somebody comes to the rescue.


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    Re: Something Ethnic Again

    Nice piece Nhick. It builds nicely. The mix sounded fine to me although subjectively I\'d have preferred a bit more room on everything.

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    Re: Something Ethnic Again

    Very cool tune. Love the metallics. They seem to have plenty of low end with my sub woofer set up. For the instrumentation it seems right. If I was mixing it I might open up the stereo image a bit but that\'s minor.
    Cool stuff.

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    Re: Something Ethnic Again

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I\'ll be working on the music this weekend, hopefully.

    I am having a hard time deciding about the \'room\'. If I try to add more, the lower frequencies freak out like thick soup all over the whole place.

    Regarding opening up the stereo field a bit more, should I do that by re-panning everything or by applying stereo expander on the whole mix? What I would like to do also is to add more depth so that the instruments don\'t sound as if they are all at the front edge of the stage. That\'s where I get confused: how do I measure the right amount of room, pre-delay, damping, etc. when applying reverb?

    Yeah, it\'s all about the room, I guess. It\'s like I know what I want but I don\'t know how to get it...

    Again, many thanks!


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