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Topic: Good Luck

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    Good Luck

    Good luck on getting a reply from these guys. I\'ve been wanting to purchase Gigastudio for a month now and still can\'t get this forums administrators to email me on some simple tech specifications.
    At first I heard Gigasampler could work with a soundblaster and 64 megs of RAM now I hear that I need at least a 700 MHz Pentium 3 and a 1000 dollar Midiman soundcard to insure that the program will work. Then they said I would loose voice polyphony when I want to record my tracks off my Roland XP-80 sequencer into Cool Edit Pro.
    I\'ve called and left messages with Nemesys countless times and all I ever hear is, \"Hi, this is Dave from Nemesys, we\'re either assisting other customers or can\'t get to your call, blah, blah, blah.\" They still don\'t return my phone calls.
    I think the program is brilliant and I\'m so interested in buying it even if it means spending alot of money but as with every other company I expect more in technical support like an 800 number at least.

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    Re: Good Luck

    By the way, that was supposed to be a \'Post Reply\' to Wes37. Please don\'t take this as trying to piss anyone off.

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    Re: Good Luck

    Hello Damon, i think your confusing gigastudio and giga sampler they are two different programs which require different setups. gigasampler can run with any direct x supported card like sound blaster you mentioned. You do not need a PIII to run giga sampler, We had it running with a celeron 300a and 64megs ram, worked great. We now have Gigastudio running with sound blaster live on a 733Mhz PIII machine. We have also had it running with the Gina and delta 1010 sound cards. Depending on the quality you are looking for, determines the type of setup for your needs.
    Keep trying to contact Nemesys. It sounds like you maybe contacting the tech support number for registerd owners. try their main number. 512-219-9181.

    PaPa Chalk

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