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Topic: Dixieland

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    Can anyone recommend which brass and woodwind library would be best for dixieland compositions. Are the majority of brass/woodwind libraries designed for classical music only?

    Thanks Travis

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    Re: Dixieland

    Don\'t forget the tenor banjos.. another must have for New Orleans jazz!

    Vintage Jazz Guitars and Tenor Banjos collection from Bardstown Audio.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Dixieland

    That\'s too bad, I would imagine one could have a lot of fun composing Dixieland. You would think that there would at least be some good loop cd\'s...
    If Ilio produced something like Memphis Horns which is fairly genre specific, a dixieland library wouldn\'t be totally out of the question.

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    Re: Dixieland

    I think Quantum Leap Brass is probably your best bet. There are lots of rips and falls etc... that work in a jazz context.
    I\'ve been able to do some pretty good jazz with
    Dan Dean\'s Clarinet. No virbrato though(I don\'t think that exists anywhere?)
    QL Brass doesn\'t really take advantage of the giga features...(Has anyone re-programed it with Key Switches etc?)
    I think now that VSL and QLSO will corner the market on Orchestal samples, some alternative collections might come up. I\'m voting for jazz clarinet.

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    Re: Dixieland

    Hi Travis,

    Have you also considered using physical modelling synths such as Yamaha\'s VL1 and VL70m for jazz brass/woodwind emulations?

    I posted a link to a short piece featuring a VL1 trumpet sound last November. Here\'s the link again to give you an example of sounds produced via a VL1m using a breath controller:

    Best regards

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