I am having a problem getting Gigastudio up and going. I am running gigastudio 160 on the same machine as Cakewalk 9.03 and Sound forge 4.5.

celeron 566 oc @ 850
256MB of ram
HP7200i CDR
Dman ISA
Gadget Labs 8*24
Maxtor 5400 20gig HD
Maxtor 7200 30gig HD
Trident 9750 Display

I had gigasampler running with this set-up, but I am having some difficulty with Gigastudio. I doesn\'t appear to be responding to any midi signal. I have tried transmitting midi info from cakewalk to giga using Hubis Loopback (Which I used successfully with Gigasampler), Midiyoke, routing the Dman midi out to the 8*24 midi in, routing a midi signal from cakewalk on a seperate computer to the 8*24 midi in. Nothing seems to be received by gigastudio. I have gone through the proper procedures for selecting ports in both cakewalk and gigasudio, so I don\'t believe that is the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Grayson