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Topic: Tara's Theme (Piano of Love and Hope)

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    Tara's Theme (Piano of Love and Hope)

    Here is another composition I created while remembering her. It has been a little over nine years now, but my heart and soul continue to remain strong. I am person who believes in eternal love...

    The card in the first image is the card Tara gave me for Valentines day. She was always a cute person and did these momentary things.

    This is a piano and cello composition. Her melody is played three times throughout the composition on different octaves.

    Libraries used:
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra
    - Art Vista

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    Re: Tara's Theme (Piano of Love and Hope)

    Sadly, these days seldom come up in art, music, your kind of deep love. You are expressing your feelings so openly and sweetly, one can imagine what an exceptional person Tara was.
    Thanks for posting it, it is lovely..


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    Re: Tara's Theme (Piano of Love and Hope)

    It's wonderful to hear some of your Tara music narrowed down to the single instrument, Richard. With the wide stereo spread and full sounding reverb, the piano sounds sweet and evocative. Nice voicings throughout the arrangement also. Really nice, Richard.


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    Re: Tara's Theme (Piano of Love and Hope)

    Thank you very much Ted for the kind words and respect. Tara, is with me in heart and soul. I have tried dating other woman, but it just didn't feel right to me. So, I have stopped trying to replace her because I can't. Instead, I just keep the memories of her alive and live in them through my music, memories, and passages. It keeps me happy.

    Thanks for the feedback, Randy. I wanted to focus this on the Piano. I feel out of all the different arrangements I have done for her Theme, that the piano really expresses the most in how I wanted her theme to sound.

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    Re: Tara's Theme (Piano of Love and Hope)


    This one definitely pulled at my heart strings too. Beautifully written and rendered. This is the kind of piece you never want to stop because it puts you in this wonderful trance, this wonderful warm loving place, of which you don't want to ever leave.

    Thanks so much for letting me at least glimpse into this loving world of yours. I cherish the time here!


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    Re: Tara's Theme (Piano of Love and Hope)

    Thank you Cass,

    I greatly appreciate your kind feedback and your understanding of her theme. I listen to at least one composition about her at least once a day. When I listen I just close my eyes and visualize our past experiences we shared together. It brings a clam ans soothing happiness to me.



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