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Topic: Attention Nymesis

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    Attention Nymesis

    Nymesis: As a mostly satisfied Gigasampler user, I have some thoughts I\'d like to share with you why I haven\'t upgraded to Gigastudio yet and why I probably never will.

    I originally purchased Gigasampler at the retail price of close to $700. Right before you released Gigastudio, you dropped the price down to $299 or so, which was only a few months after I had purchased mine. Okay, that\'s business, I wasn\'t happy, but I understand.

    Here is what ticks me off: Gigastudio, as originally released, was full of bugs and not really ready for full distribution. As many readers of this post who possess Gigastudio can attest, the first incarnation was not was it was advertised to be (how can it if it doesn\'t function properly?). Due to the news that Gigastudio was not fully functional, I waited to see what Nymesis would do to correct the problems prior to purchaseing the upgrade. Now the $149 upgrade offer has expired and you advertise the Gigasampler-to-Gigastudio upgrade for $399.

    This is not a good way to court user loyalty, Nymesis. I\'m looking at other options before I decide what to do with my studio.

    Your thoughts are welcomed.

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    Re: Attention Nymesis

    I replyed to this post on the message board under \'Good Luck\'. I guess I accidently hit \'Post New Topic\' instead of \'Post Reply\'.

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