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Topic: Studio Furniture help

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    Studio Furniture help

    I\'d like some advice and suggestions on where you all buy your studio furniture. I\'m looking for a desk that can fit 2-3 19inch screens/monitor, a 61/76 key keyboard and hopefully has one of those keyboard drawers for the typing keyboard and mouse. I haven\'t found any sites where I could order such a thing.

    Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Studio Furniture help


    I had the same problem. Looked for quite a while and couldn\'t find anything. Finally gave up and had my own built (see pic).

    Console Picture

    The drawer that holds the computer keyboards (and mice) slides out of the way when I want to reach the keyboard controls, and the platform that holds my controller keyboard (88 keys) is temporarily removed while I\'m using the Kurzweil K250 as the controller.

    They\'re not that hard to design or build, and it\'s probably a much cheaper way to go.

    Hope this helps.


    JDK Music

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    Re: Studio Furniture help

    Thanks JDK. The link doesn\'t work though. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Studio Furniture help

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    Re: Studio Furniture help

    Thanks Gary these look good. I don\'t see prices though. Hopefully they aren\'t astronomically high. I\'ll have to ask them. Thanks, these just might fit what I\'m looking for.

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    Re: Studio Furniture help

    Try KK Audio. First rate craftsmanship. In LA. I am very pleased with my custom desk.

    Do a Google search.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Studio Furniture help

    Thank you for all the advice and suggestions everyone! It is most helpful! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Studio Furniture help

    I have a frankenstein set up now. I have an Omniraxx Studio desk. Commander I believe, I forget actually, and am too lazy to lok at the site)

    I also have an Isoraxx now, which is way too expensive for what it is (a second is on its way too, what a waste). It however DOES work, and is good to have. I just should have made my own. (wait I\'m too lazy to look at a site and I\'m talking about making my own isoraxx.... I am an Idiot)

    I\'ve got a filing cabinet that serves for Half of the keyboard stand, while part of the Studio desk serves as the other half.

    I\'ve been rearranging since the Isoraxx shoed up, and as soon as the new monitors show up and the 2nd isoraxx, I\'ll take some pics and share. I\'m hoping it will look very cool. And function much better than my current/last weeks rig

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    Re: Studio Furniture help

    Try KK Audio:

    We\'ve just gotten a price increase so the prices posted are inaccurate.

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