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Topic: Gigastudio levels?

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    Gigastudio levels?

    I have the gigasampler and I\'m thinking of getting the gigastudio...the current gigasampler midi channel window will load four levels of giga-instruments currently..Does the gigastudio allow for more than four levels on each channel for giga-intruments....thank you.

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    Re: Gigastudio levels?

    GigaStudio has the same 4-level loading capability as GigaSampler, with an additional feature(if I understand correctly): if you have the MIDI ports to support it you can independently address each level, in other words you can have 64 MIDI channels.

    If you need more than 4 sounds loaded per channel you could always create layered .gig files to do it. Whatever you do, the added polyphony in GigaStudio will make all your layered stuff work much better.

    Doug Marshall

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    Re: Gigastudio levels?

    Thanks for replying..how do you create layered gigs?......I have a drum kit which is all separate gigs..kick, snare, etc..how can I combine these to one kit?..thanks

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