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Topic: Is this mix anygood?

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    Is this mix anygood?

    Hi folks, I\'ve just finished working on a short film called \"Sinister\" and wondered if anyone could comment on the sound of the these extracts from the final scene - I\'ve been using these samples for so long that I\'ve lost all sense of what sounds good or bad (production wise). The first is the extract wih a little overall compression, the second is the same but with a little eq to the overall mix. www.dougberwick.com/SinisterBa.mp3 www.dougberwick.com/SinisterBb.mp3 Thanks, Doug.

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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    Really, REALLY nice & beautifull!

    I like the second one a little bit better.

    I\'d be tempted to extend the release on the strings or put a longer verb on them by an eensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy amount.

    Probably not a valid critique though, \'cause after I\'d mess with it & mess with it and mess with it - 3 days later I\'d probably return to the original and wonder what on earth I was thinking. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    Thanks for your comments - the verb I\'m using is Acoustic Mirror with Kings Hollywood Strings impulse at 60-40. The setting I had for ambience was at 50 so I\'ve now extended this to 70 it does sound better. Thanks, again.

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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    Cool, I\'d be interested in hearing that.

    Now the only problem is I can\'t get your piece out of my brain, but I really liked it.

    Real emotional and genuine - hit me right where it should - at the emotional level. I love that and that is very difficult to achieve.

    I\'m currently working on an action/adventure/military score and I guess I\'ll just have to beat my head on the wall.


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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    Here is some feedback from a hobbyist and therefore more of an potential audience member.

    I listed with my usual home stereo speakers.

    The SinisterBa was shrill (very bright), and had me on the edge of my seat squirming.

    The SinisterBb had a beautiful string sound and the overall mix sounded more noble.

    Of course, I cannot see the film, so I do not know which version would be more appropriate. If the ending is more happy, I would prefer the Bb version, but if the ending is more in keeping with the title, I think squirming would be the way to go.

    The string note-to-note transitions need a little work, but in a film setting, I don\'t think anyone would notice.


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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    I prefer the second mix, mor spacious and more real... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Great writing, I like the cue very much.


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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    Thanks guys [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    Hi Doug,

    Like others, opt for the b version from a listening perspective. Maybe also put a subtle pad underneath the strings to take some of the edge/repetition off. However, without seeing video, maybe not a great idea? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    Hard to judge out of context, impossible really. If it were strictly a music mix, I\'d try to wrap it around the listener\'s head just a bit more and warm up the overall \"airspace.\" It has a feel of being a bit distant. However, it\'s very likely that perspective works perfectly with the scene...we can\'t know that.

    The timp, where it\'s exposed, is a little dismembered from the rest of the mix...the space it was recorded in is different than the space of the strings. That\'s the only thing that sounds incongruent within the mix picture to me...but it\'s also one of those things that\'s pretty hard to fix, so you may already have done quite a bit of tweeking to blend it in. One little tiny whisper of dialog will probably cover it up.

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    Re: Is this mix anygood?

    The timps come from Ultimate Timps so when I apply the impulse in Acoustic Mirror I\'m still stuck with the ambience from the original sample (I\'m looking to get VSL Pro in the future so that would eliminate that problem). The scene is the climax of the film in which, the man who is kept hostage by his ex-lover has his throat cut! The film is being shown next Sunday at a festival in Wolverhampton, so I hope to post the same extract with the video after that. Thanks again, for everyone\'s comments - they are much appreciated. Best, Doug.

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