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Topic: JABB - Brass polyphony

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    JABB - Brass polyphony

    I am doing a score demo - but to save time I am having trumpet 1 play chords (as opposed to writing 3 separate lines) - its just for listening mock up - but the sound only plays the top note.

    So, can JABB brass only play 1 note at a time? Is there a work around

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    Re: JABB - Brass polyphony

    A really quick "hack" is to use the LITE versions of the instruments which are polyphonic and are useful for backup brass chords. It is not ideal if you are trying to get the most from the instruments, but will work in a pinch.

    I think you will be happier if you do the chords, and then use a MIDI track splitter to separate the chords into separate lines.

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