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Topic: Samples with Pops in EVERY Steinway B Sample CD?

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    Samples with Pops in EVERY Steinway B Sample CD?

    I open this thread instead of following the one by Van Sotraidis saying that there\'re pops in his GigaPiano sample, cause I found the problem was much more serious than I thought.

    I don\'t know about GigaPiano, cause I never use it. During the arrangements I did for these months using GigaStudio160, I found that there might be pops in the samples themselves, since they always occur at the same point of the same samples.

    I did some degragment and found that some - only some - of the problems were gone. There were still pops in some samples.

    I rushed to my friend\'s store and examine his copy (different than mine, of course) and found that there were exactly the same bad samples there too.

    Anybody found the same problem here? I think so, since they are in 2 different copies of this CD.

    Deep White

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    Re: Samples with Pops in EVERY Steinway B Sample CD?

    Did you play your friends CD on your system or his?

    Are you talking about a CD which isn\'t the Gigapiano having \'native\' pops?

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    Re: Samples with Pops in EVERY Steinway B Sample CD?

    Mine on my system and his on his, and same problems found.

    I\'m talking about EastWest\'s Steinway B. The \"pops\" I mentioned are not the usual ones we\'re talking about. They\'re in the very beginning of some samples, the instance you press the key. I don\'t think it\'s the sound the piano itself has.

    The samples with problems are around C2 to G2.

    Also a new found problem: the B5 sample has a strange and uncomfortable high frequency making it unnormally harsh to the ear.

    Deep White

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