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Topic: Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

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    Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

    I am considering Liquid Grooves as I read long time ago it has a lot of ethnic stuff and some cool groove related stuff. I remember liking metamorphosis a lot too from the demos I heard a while ago.

    I was wondering if these libraries were still worth considering or should I go for Stylus? Or does it depend what genre of music I\'m focusing in? Any advice on this topic is really appreciated.


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    Re: Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

    Here\'s some help straight from the source ;-)

    Here\'s how I\'d describe the differences:

    Concept: Acoustic Remix
    Presentation: \"Contruction Kit\" form....Mixes, Remixes and Elements

    This is the most hi-fi and acoustic sounding of the three. Not as many grooves as the other two, but a very characteristic sound. The elements with the Groove Control version can be combined in many ways, and are not as busy as the other two collections. It has the most \"acoustic\" vibe, and includes a lot of softer and moody performances with brush drums, ethnic sounds and creative tonal stuff with Wavedrums, etc. Using the straight loops as is would not be recommended, since they have all been used heavily by many, many artists. However, with creative use of Groove Control, it still has a lot of mileage....especially when building your own mixes from disparate elements.

    If this is your bag, be SURE to get the Groove Control version. It\'s the only one of the three that has a non-GC and a GC version (since the original pre-dates the development of Groove Control)

    Concept: Futuristic Remix grooves
    Presentation: Mix variations, wide variety of different grooves

    Metamorphosis has no acoustic stuff at all, except for some processed tabla loops. It is much more electronic and \"futuristic\" sounding, with a very wide variety of moods and styles. Extremely diverse and versatile because of the large quantity of grooves that work together at a any tempo range. Also has Groove Menus, which are cool for jamming and remixing. Lots of possibilities with MM for any \"non-acoustic\" musical settings.

    Concept: Versatile Vinyl Breakbeat Module
    Presentation: Mix variations with Add-Ons

    The original intention of Stylus was to focus on creating legally \"clean\" (but sonically \"dirty\" ) breakbeat loops that sound exactly like they were lifted from vinyl. In the course of creating it, it got much more diverse and we added a nice percussion section and thousands of add-on samples of kicks, snares, percussion and scratch samples. Because of Groove Control, the Groove Menus and the way the virtual instrument works, you can use it in many more styles than Dance/Hip-Hop genres (as the many demos of our three instruments demonstrate really well)...but the original intent of the module was always about the Vinyl sound and attitude, so that is still the focus. It\'s certainly the easiest to use of any of the three products and has the largest amount of material, hence the best value. You can hear it used in tons of different ways on these pages:


    It\'s also featured heavily all over Sting\'s new \"Sacred Love\" CD.

    Hope that helps!

    (I can\'t really lose however you decide...eh?)



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    Re: Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

    Thanks eric...Might have to get all at some point afterall. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

    Re: Metamorphosis (and probably the rest, I\'ve just worked with this one)

    One thing Eric didn\'t really clarify is that the material is presented in four very distinct ways. One is straight ahead wave loops. You can actually load \'em up straight into ACID and deal with them like any loop library.

    You can also play them from the keyboard in different ways.

    You can load them up conformed to tempo, with a bunch of different loops grouped into one tempo...i.e., you can hit different keys to get different loops, but the tempo remains constant up and down the keyboard. In this way, you can do a sort of realtime construction (and quantize after you\'re done to really lock it in).

    You can load a single loop and it will vary in tempo as you go up and down the keyboard...this too has its cool uses.

    And finally there\'s the Groove Control versions, that are essentially like ReCycle-treated grooves. These are sliced into individual hits, and there are accompanying MIDI files which reassemble those hits into the same groove (but allow you to vary the tempo). AND with the Groove Control versions, you can easily program your own totally new grooves, rearranging or changing the overall feel (like taking straight eighths to swing and vice versa).

    So, I guess what I\'m adding is that thinking of any of these as a \"loop\" product is only a tiny bit of their total functionality. You can get a lot of variation out of them.

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    Re: Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

    As Bruce says, \"loop\" doesnt really do these libs justice.

    I work with only the GC versions of Metamorphosis. Regardless of the tempo, the loop will fit. You can also play the individual notes of the patch yourself and build it into something new.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

    And I realize that doesn\'t help in a decision one bit...but at least it\'s some more info.

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    Re: Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

    All 3 in heavy use here. I find Stylus the all-around most useful, but in many cases, I end up using a little from each. (Stylus for the basics, Metamorphosis and Liquid Grooves for spice.) You really can\'t go wrong with any Spectrasonics release. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Liquid Grooves, Metamorphosis or Stylus

    Thank you for the further advice everyone.

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