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Topic: Help Giga Gurus! Shrinking polyphony

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    Help Giga Gurus! Shrinking polyphony

    Working on a project that uses gigsamples, I\'ve noticed that the software is apparently going into \"stealing voice\" mode when it would seem completely uncessary.
    Here\'s what I\'ve got going:
    A full, busy latin-ish groove on the acoustic essentials drum kit gig

    sustained block chords on the GM 500 french horn

    sustained melody line on the soft tenor sax from Worrasplace.

    Nothing else from gigsampler! and the french horn sustains are cutting off, as are the tenor notes. I just finished a piece that had many more gigsamplers going on, without a problem. Now I go back and listen to that and notes are cutting off there too, where they hadn\'t been when I was recording it.

    Any ideas what\'s going on here?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Help Giga Gurus! Shrinking polyphony

    What\'s changed since your old piece played fine?

    Any new gear, switched to Gigastudio, changed any PC system settings?

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    Re: Help Giga Gurus! Shrinking polyphony

    Nope, no changes of any kind to my system.

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