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Topic: Question about Sitar

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    Question about Sitar

    I am selling my JV 1080 on ebay to pay for part of the Gold edition that I am gonna get. The only problem is that I do need some exotic instruments such as a sitar that my jv 1080 did have. Are there any CHEAP sample CD\'s that contain a good sitar?

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    Re: Question about Sitar

    One comes free in the Kompakt library and sounds REALLY good...

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    Re: Question about Sitar

    why dont you sample the sounds you need from jv1080 before you sell it...

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    Re: Question about Sitar

    I really have no idea how to do stuff like that. If you can give me a link to where I\'d learn how to do it, this would be appreciated. I just want to load some sounds up and just go. I did find a free Soundfont at hammersound that sounded pretty good. Also Sonic Implants has an asia set for like $59.95 that has a sitar in it that maybe I\'ll get... Thanks.

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