Hi all ,

As promised before , here\'s some excerpts of works for piano and orchestra , only done with small libraries before GOS , SIS , VOTA , VSL , QLSO . Piano is GigaPiano . There were recorded between 2000 and 2002 .Dies Irae was virtually recorded as presentation before live performance . The two others are parts of edited cds .

Excerpts from :

Chamber music for 11 instruments (1st mvt - ms31.MP3)

Variations for piano , orchestra and choir on Dies Irae Thema ( 9 variations out the 19 ) (DiesXX.MP3)

Main thema from \"The Voice of the Spirit \" (sft2.MP3)

Sorry for the split in some pieces , but I have a limit of 4mb file size from my provider .

Mp3s link :


Wish you a nice listening ..