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Topic: Selling Giga PC from Soundchaser

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    Selling Giga PC from Soundchaser

    Hello all...I have no idea whether I\'m breaking etiquette or not up here so please excuse me if I am.

    I am sellling my Soundchaser built PC with 512 ram, 1.2 gig PC with a Dakato card in it. If there are any of you who might need a second (or third!) Giga machine this might be a good thing for you.

    If you have any suggestions for the best place to sell something like this, I\'d appreciate any pointers. I thought Giga users would be a good place to start since that\'s what I bought it for.

    I will take any reasonable offer on it as I have no idea what it\'s actually worth....I\'m a Mac guy

    Thanks for any interest or pointers.

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    Re: Selling Giga PC from Soundchaser

    Please give me an email.

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