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Topic: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

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    Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    I have a concern I wanted to express with a lot of the demos I\'ve been listening to lately.

    Why do all of the sample library demos have backing tracks that are not from that library?

    It\'s hard on a lot of these to hear the actual instrument you wish to purchase because of the backing track. I know nothing exists in a vacuum and that showing what the library is capable of in the right context is important, but I believe we should also get a solo\'ed version of the demo that includes nothing but the samples you are actually purchasing.

    For examples of what I\'m talking about (and I have much love for these developers so please do not take this as finger pointing because almost every developer is guilty of this) listen to the VOTA demos, the DIVA demos and the new VSL demos...

    With VOTA, I can\'t hear half of the choir because it has a FULL orchestra banging away with them... all of the DIVA demos have backing tracks distracting me from the beautiful voices they are showcasing. And with VSL... their solo string demo has full string ensambles playing with the solo strings, I can\'t seperate the two... I can\'t figure out which sounds I\'m purchasing and which I\'m not.

    To any sample developers that read this, by all means, please make demos that showcase your products as they would be heard in a mix with other instruments, but also PLEASE include a solo\'ed performance of that demo...

    Thanks all in advance,

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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    Welcome to the sample retail world. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] That\'s why so many of us beg for end user demos.

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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!


    I totally second that....give us full blown demos to get us drooling, but also include some soloed stuff to really hear the subtlety of the instruments.

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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    Some one could really steal the samples like that? [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] That\'s kind of funny.

    Symphony of Voices deserves credit for making demos that didn\'t have any orchestra accompaniment (though a few did).

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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    Originally posted by chocothrax:
    I don\'t think they want people stealing the samples, so you\'ve got to put somehting in the background.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'d prefer a white noise sample every five to ten seconds over an orchestra or drum kit or something else blocking the sound continuously.

    Besides, I find it hard to believe that they are afraid someone will get enough notes off of a two or three minute demo to even worry about it.

    KONTAKT\'s demo does just what I suggested above, it throws in a white noise sample every twenty seconds or so to keep you from using the demo to render anything longer than 19 secs.

    Just an idea?


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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    Go to Kirk Hunters web site and enjoy the solo violin demos. You will find some completely solo demos there. Wish others did this. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    Hi everyone,

    Normally I would stay out of a topic such as this. Now a days, it’s a good ideal for a new sample company to just read an observe.

    I wanted to comment about demos – mainly our demos for DIVA.

    Here is how I approached it. I employed 3 composers. All with extreme talent.
    I did not tell them what to compose or how to use my product. I insisted that they be the judge and you be the jury.

    My entire goal with BELA D MEDIA (yes – I have bills to pay) is to create libraries that are unique, cost affective and human.

    I believe the official DIVA demos show great promise for a low cost, ever evolving library.

    As far as a USER demo. I believe there has been 4 or more posted. Posted by the freewill of the customer.

    What more can BELA D MEDIA do? We want to be successful and more importantly gain the respect of the massive talent found within this forum.

    Le us know.

    Francis Belardino

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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    Originally posted by Bela D Media:

    Let us know.

    Francis Belardino
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hello Francis,

    I already give you twice the amount of respect as before for being the only Sample Developer thus far to comment. I really hope you did not take offense, I really look forward to being a proud owner of your product as soon as the box makes its way from you to me.

    The only reason I posted this was because I had been surfering and listening to A LOT of demos that day and was starting to get annoyed with the fact that most (not all) included other sounds from other libraries in the demos. Most of the time, this is fine as I can seperate them in my head and can choose to listen only to the instrument in question... i.e: looking into a guitar lib and the demo includes drums... I\'m pretty sure I can tell the difference.

    But in the demos that were a little more layered or complex, it became harder for me to tell what I was looking to purchase from what other samples were thrown in with the demo. I used the examples that I did above, because they were the ones I listened to the most (which is how your name was brought into my original post) and they were the ones that I most desired to hear on there own. In one of the demos you guys have (the name slips my mind at the moment, please forgive me) the voice is being accompanied by what sounds like male backing voices.

    As you guys have not yet released your male soloists I assumed these sounds were from VOTA or SOV? In any case, there were also female voices backing and I was just curious as to whether they were other instances of DIVA turned down and layered in the back, or if they were from VOTA or SOV.

    Same with VOTA, it was very hard for me to hear the actual choir because of how loud the backing tracks were. I would one day like to purchase a full choir as my currant score requires one, but they are singing alone during three very important sections and I need to know VOTA (or which ever library is available at that time) can handle carrying the whole sound without backing tracks...

    Thanks again for your post, and your demos do sound great, I was just hoping to hear a solo performance and actually have it solo\'ed,


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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    Absolutely no offensive taken. Nothing you have written is even close to offensive.

    I have also emailed the composers for the DIVA demos to see if they cant jump in and offer there take.

    Now that I think on the subject even more - I remember that Sam Hulick had composed a beta demo that was a very exposed DIVA demo. Just piano and voice - I loved it but received many emails asking for a bigger production.

    I believe the composers did a very effective job in showing potential customers what you can do with the product.

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    Re: Demo Problems PLEAE READ no bashing!!!

    It\'s pretty simple really. Almost all of the time, sounds from a sample library are being used in some musical context or other. For this reason, it makes sense to showcase a product in a particular context to show the potential consumer how the product actually works.

    This does not mean that a developer shouldn\'t provide solo\'ed demonstrations, rather that it makes for a more interesting demonstration and for the most part, a beneficial view into the real world use of a library.

    My thoughts...

    Kaveh Cohen

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