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Topic: Mach 5

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    Mach 5

    Just read several really good reviews on the MOTU Mach 5 sampler.

    Sure, it\'s only available for the Mac at this moment in time but a Windows version is imminent.

    Since it reads virtually all formats including GS and has other amazing features to boot, is this another and better way forward ?

    Personally, I\'d love to remain with GS and have invested heavily both in terms of money and time in the hardware, software and development side of it but I\'m really beginning to think that I might be wasting my time totally and will port everything over to Kontakt, Halion (dubious maybes) or the Win Mach 5 especially.

    I\'ve seen the pros and cons of the other systems (exc. Mach5) but really feel that despite it\'s many good points, that GS has lost the plot entirely regardless of future vapour promises.

    I remain to be convinced that GS is going to be worth any more effort.

    Anyone any further views on Mach 5 ?

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