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Topic: Newbie need some critique and tips.

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    Newbie need some critique and tips.

    Sorry for double posting, but someone at the software forum recommended to repost it here

    \"I see this is quite an active forum and here posts many experienced people, so I could really take some help from all of you. Please, as it┤s my first post bear a bit with me if I┤m somewhat long-winded.

    I┤m giving my first steps into \"virtual\" orchestral arrangements, and I see there are things I need to learn yet.
    I wrote a little baroque theme for strings, so I could start practising with it, instead of using a full-blown orchestra from the beginning.
    Although I┤m not precisely a kid (26), I don┤t have many musical theory knowledge, but I have a lot of respect for orchestral music, so I slowly started to study harmony, and would like next to clobber counterpoint and orchestration when I feel prepared enough. In fact this exercise I wrote was also intended for using recently-learnt harmony concepts.

    Please,could you give me your opinion on it? I┤m not specially interested in musical technique comments because this isn┤t a serious attempt but more of a little exercise with lots of clichŔs. In fact I avoided any \"interesting\" paths if they weren┤t sounding VERY baroque as I wanted to keep my objectives straight (good for learning, bad for writing [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )
    What I┤m really interested in, is in knowing what are my main \"sampling flaws\" and how to fix them if possible.

    Here is the link Baroque Theme (2megs)
    I do know I committed one of the typical post mistakes of newbies which is adding too much reverb. (To worsen things it┤s a \"cheapo\" standard Cubase reverb, nothing fancy *shrugh*) I coulnd┤t refrain from it.
    I tried panning like a real orchestra would be placed, but I just \"earballed\" it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Currently I can`t afford VSL or Garritan, so I will have to micro-edit to my best effort. Thus I would like to know how is the \"traditional\" way to fake legato playing? Could you explain the procedure in a MIDI sequencer like the one in Cubase?(or the one you prefer)

    Thanks people. I┤m expecting your suggestions and tips. Oh! and glad to be at this board (first post) [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
    Thanks for reading this far.\"

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    Re: Newbie need some critique and tips.

    hah,hah...ok. I finally got it. It┤s some kind of collective joke to the newbie...right? Very funny. Now, post...post!!


    Ok. I┤ll give 1 U$ to the first reply!

    Don┤t make me go there!...(and beg)

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    Re: Newbie need some critique and tips.

    Hi there,

    Stick with the Harmony studies a while. Pay attention in particular to the way you voice chords and the way each part leads from one note to another. You might want to find a first-semester theory course somewhere and take the class...you\'d get a lot out of it, since you\'ve already obviously put in some self-study. You would probably progress very quickly. In terms of your sequencing techniques, they\'ll always depend on the sounds you\'re using at a given time.

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    Re: Newbie need some critique and tips.

    Thanks a lot for the hints. I would like to pay me some classes but right now I┤m not sure I would have the time (money could be an issue depending on the cost). Still, I will look for that.

    This is a blind shot but...are you the same Bruce Richardson who wrote those killer articles for prorec online e-zine? If you are, thanks a lot for them. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, specially those devoted to orchestral samples. I would certainly like to read similar content. Are you working into another similar ezine or not now?

    Thanks again. I will try to keep on my self-taught harmony studies. (I┤m reading a book by Sch÷enberg. I┤ve been told it┤s very good and so it seems so far)

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    Re: Newbie need some critique and tips.

    Hey, pal, I like your tune! I prefer this kind of atmosphere than the percussive stuff because it can help one to heal rather than produce an agression. Sure, courses might help, but making music is, imho, the best formation one can get, because everyone has to find within him/herself the unique music which we have to bring to the world. Thousands and thousands of hours of intense work is the only way to achieve anything for any serious musician. Constructive comments and some guidance are sometimes essential.

    If I may comment the tune, I would have loved to hear a little more variety in the rythmic development, especially at the end of the track. Also, I think that the ninth measure you add as a sort of bridge (before the theme starts again) creates a nice suspension effect and would gain to be less busy. I feel that the too many things going on scrambles a bit the structure\' originality. Keep up the good work!

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    Re: Newbie need some critique and tips.

    First of all thanks both of you for your replies.

    Remember to avoid parallel 4ths and fifths
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">uh? I thought it was parallel 5ths and octaves what I had to avoid (unless doing it on purpose to serve my musical purpose). What┤s up with 4ths?

    Also, I think that the ninth measure you add as a sort of bridge (before the theme starts again) creates a nice suspension effect and would gain to be less busy
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I┤m almost sure you┤re right, because I have a similar feeling and that makes two of two opinion-wise, right? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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