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Topic: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

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    Angry Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    UPDATE - The drama is over. Firefox wasn't the culprit - it just looked like it could have been. I'm leaving all the posts for the Forum's amusement - and my final post on here is like a murder mystery story.

    -------------------(original post below)------------------

    This is a catastrophe, and so far, nothing I'm doing is fixing the problem.

    To cut to the chase, the most recent Firefox update, 19.0.2, was installed yesterday. Immediately I lost sound everywhere. Sonar won't function, ARIA won't function in stand alone. (EDIT - I discovered I can play MP3s and video - it's "just" all music production items that no longer work.)

    The problem could be rare, directly related to my slightly elderly sound interface, Alesis iO|2. All I know is that I've tried things over and over since yesterday afternoon, and I'm dead in the water.

    Very unfortunately, Firefox doesn't offer an easy way to just roll back to a previous version. They purposely prevent you from doing that. So using a restore point on my computer had to be my option - I ran that, going back 2 days. Everything worked fine - for about 2 minutes - then Firefox went through an automatic update, bringing me back to 19.0.2 again.

    ARGH! I forgot that I had auto updating checked, did that a long time ago - STUPID - Now I have the option checked to be notified about Firefox updates, and I'll choose to do them or not.

    So I needed to do the restore point routine again.-- But it failed. In fact, it's now failed 4 times - none of the restore points work, error message comes up at the end. I've re-booted the computer a million times - nothing's shaking loose.

    ---I guess I have to do the more drastic thing of finding an older version of Firefox, installing it, and losing all my plug-ins, my layouts,- I have so much customization on this. I'm freaking out.--- Plus, I can't find an actual old version to install -- I see some listings, but I have no idea how to install them - I'm seeing just folders of components, no installer provided.

    Something has to work out - But it's The Worst - I was set to do mixing on a new project this weekend. But here I am tearing my hair out over this.

    If anyone has any input, it would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    This won't help you now, but if you go to the Mozilla site and download (and save) versions of Firefox rather than doing an "update" you will have old versions to re-install. Not as convenient as a rollback, but at least a solution. You may be able to find old downloadable versions at other web sites, but I don't know how you's authenticate what you download.

    I could send you a back version - 17.0 is the latest I have.

    All that aside, I can't imagine what a Firefox update could have done to cause this. Installing an old version might not undo whatever was done.

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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    I wish I could help, and for what it's worth you have my sympathy. BTW, I just allowed Firefox to update for me, restarted and somewhat nervously opened PM to play an existing arrangement in Aria. Worked out fine, and so did my current project in Reaper.

    Sorry 'bout that.

    Kevin F..

    KM Frye- (SOCAN)
    Music Director- Four Seasons Musical Theatre- 2016

    Bella Vista Studios

    GPO4, JABB3, Garritan World Inst, REAPER, Roland VS2480 DAW

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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    It's probably too late to try this, but what happens if you run the updated firefox with no extensions? Should be an option for this on the start menu of the PC.

    I stopped using firefox a long time ago over issues, nothing that drastic as you are having. I'm far less forgiving on software that p*sses me off!
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    Senior Member Silh's Avatar
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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    I'm sort of curious how a firefox update would mess up the sound system, since it shouldn't be doing anything that would influence any of that... Updated to 19.0.2 here without a hitch.

    From what you're describing though, seeing that mp3/video plays but all your audio production software has problems, it sounds like something happening with the ASIO system (seeing that most video/etc. players run through the regular windows sound system). Tried reinstalling the ASIO drivers?
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    What a day and half it's been.-- Update: I have sound back.

    The frustration and agony computers can cause is so - special, isn't it? Nothing else like it. And we've all been there. More than once.

    THANK YOU all for the replies. Here are the highlights of my adventure:

    --In attempt to fix things, I butchered my Firefox, biting the bullet and following the official FF advice to reset it. I'll have to re-construct things, the themes I was using, install the add ons I want again, get this cool new tab display I had going on etc. I wrecked my FF and it didn't even change the situation.

    --I would gladly have just installed an older version of FF. I looked for hours and couldn't find anything I understood how to install. Just files and folders - what to do with them? I don't know.

    --The pay off of this story - Sometimes events coincide. What exactly causes an effect can be unclear when things happen simultaneously. Sometimes cause and effect is straight forward and clear - Like the way the number of mass shootings skyrocketed after the ban on assault weapons was lifted. No mystery there, except to the stubbornly obtuse. But other times, what actually causes something to happen is unclear because there are several possibilities. It's like when Ellery Queen gathers all the suspects of a murder in a living room and slowly reveals the culprit. We the audience, the readers, have reason to think our theory about who's guilty makes sense - but the master detective may prove us wrong when he reveals the true murderer.

    Firefox wasn't the murderer. EXACTLY at the same time I was bouncing some tracks to audio yesterday to get ready for a big mix down - Firefox was updated. When I went back to the project - things were wonky. No sound. - I was tired, didn't investigate too thoroughly until today. Firefox still seemed the likely suspect when I faced the problem anew this morning.

    AND I had reason to suspect Firefox of somehow interfering with my ASIO drivers--BECAUSE ever since version whatever, not long ago--19? 17?- I haven't been able to keep Firefox open and use Sonar at the same time. I have to close the browser in order for Sonar to have access to the ASIO driver again. It never used to be like that. For years I've worked on music with the browser open - that's how I keep track of things so well in the Forum.

    So - I was already POd that a FF update had changed the way my ASIO driver was not being shared like before, so I was suspicious of it.

    BUT as it turned out, after a full day of struggling with all this - I finally tracked the problem down to a funky audio track! One instrument, which shall remain nameless, didn't bounce properly - there was a huge glitch in the middle of it, peaking out the meters. And for some reason, if I started playback at any point after that in the project - NONE of the tracks would play. I'd get a horrible loud click - and that was it. All this time I'd been starting playback from the same point half way through the project, past this glitch causing the Sonar audio engine to freak out.

    I finally saw the bad track, re-bounced - and got my sound back.

    Firefox - I don't love you, but I have to admit, in this case, you weren't the murderer.


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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    Congrats on the success of restoring the sound! I would recommend google Chrome for a browser! I am familiar with IE, Fire Fox, and Chrome.

    Based on my experiences Chrome has been the best: very fast and reliable. I switched from Firefox over two years ago and haven't had any problems with internet browsing or browser load up times. I found with firefox it would take forever to load and suck up a lot of memory.



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    Senior Member Silh's Avatar
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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    Glad you got it fixed!

    Just wanted to throw in my few cents about browsers, since I find myself swapping between Chrome and Firefox depending on my mood.

    Chrome feels just a bit zippier. Chrome's sandboxing of each individual tab is helpful for when something crashes.

    Firefox has a number of addons that I use very frequently, which have no Chrome equivalent. Also more customizable to my own tastes.

    Firefox's memory usage is probably the best out of all the browsers these days, they've made some very dramatic improvements in the last while. I have a 10-year old laptop which, due to its age and not being very important anymore is my throw-around lounge-back-in-the-couch/bed reader, and it's got a measly 512mb of RAM. Chrome runs a fair bit faster than Firefox with just a single tab open, but is nigh unusable once I open more than 2 or 3 tabs with the hard drive swapping happening due to its memory demand. However, with Firefox I can comfortably have many more tabs open before the hard drive thrashing starts making things unusable.

    As always, pick the right tool for the job and your own tastes!
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    I still can't get over what a nightmare it was, tracking down what the heck happened the last couple of days.

    In the wake of the disaster, I want to thank you guys, Richard, Matt, for your recommendations. I have Chrome on here but haven't liked it enough to use it exclusively. Firefox's speed is no issue for me - seems plenty zippy, and I'm not doing anything online that demands faster speed than what I have. But what you mentioned, Matt, about not being able to use more than 2 or 3 tabs in Chrome--yikes, deal breaker right there for me. I often have 4, 5, 6 and more tabs open at a time with zero impact on speed or general functioning - Gotta have me multiple tabs always available!

    I've re-established Firefox the way I had it before, the way I like it, with the dramatic looking LavaFox Red theme, and my new tab page with a great photo of Stonehenge and floating, customizable thumbnails (thanks to the Desktop 1.4.10 add on) - Took me awhile to get tabs opening the way I want, but have that now. Back to normal. Sonar's still working fine - I'm a happy camper again.


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    Senior Member Silh's Avatar
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    Re: Firefox update nightmare - No Sound

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    But what you mentioned, Matt, about not being able to use more than 2 or 3 tabs in Chrome--yikes, deal breaker right there for me. I often have 4, 5, 6 and more tabs open at a time with zero impact on speed or general functioning - Gotta have me multiple tabs always available!
    Don't let that scare you away! Chrome is a pretty decent browser

    Remember that's a 10-year old computer with half a gig of ram. :P
    -- Matt Wong

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