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Topic: Translator Conversion

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    Translator Conversion

    I have been attempting to convert my M Vitous String Ensembles in EOS format to GS using Translator. Although the resultant voices sound, to my ears, better than from my E4, they all loop the entire sample repeatedly. This is hopeless as most of MV is non looped and the Pizz sample unwanted loops Keep compelling me to play \"Syncopated Clock\" by Leroy Anderson!! Any ideas?

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    Re: Translator Conversion

    Don\'t know where it is, maybe in case properties, but there is a check box which allows you to choose between drum style voicing (no loop) and normal. That parameter should sort it.

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    Re: Translator Conversion

    The looping issue has been resolved (along with several other things) and will appear in the next build (22).

    Garth Hjelte
    Customer Relations
    Chicken Systems, Inc.

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