View Full Version : Nice Surprise

01-09-2013, 12:16 PM
I have been very busy since September so I have not posted much. I was getting ready to start a New Year's wish list for Make Music and it's plans for the Garritan Libraries only to discover that my first idea has been partially implemented.

The last time I tried to make adjustments to the various controls in the Aria Player when I selected GPO instruments from inside Finale's "Score Manager" the settings that I made to the various MIDI controllers (like CC 20,22,23, etc.) were not automatically implemented in Finale's playback. I would write down the settings and use Finale's MIDI tool to send the settings as MIDI data. Before writing this post I tried again just in case things had changed. They had. I only tried a few controllers but the changes I made in The Aria Player were implemented in the Finale playback.

Now my request to MM is to make this easily available in the "Set Up Wizard", to create initial global settings, and the "MIDI Tool", to change settings for selected sections of a piece or even individual notes.